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Korsbek Ocean Explorer 1000m Limited Edition Of 100 fake watch Available

Do you really like Kobold watches, but can't quite stomach the prices? More than one person has realized that their impressive designs are popular enough to invest in some 'similar-look?brands. These aren't mere copy-cats, but rather totally respectable fake watch companies that are simply forming the look of their impressive replica watches to look like something for which there is a market Compare the Korsbek Ocean Explorer and Kobold Soarway Seal watches. Pretty similar right? Neither is "better looking,?it is just a matter of taste.

Korsbek is one of these new types of high quality style emulation brands. The company uses a mixture of German and Swiss parts to create high quality limited edition replica watches that under-cut the price of Kobold replica watches by more than half much of the time. Here is one of their nicest replica watches that was part of a limited edition of 100. They are on to their next models, but this Korsbek Ocean Explorer fake watch is worth looking closely at.The Kobold retails for over a $1000 more than the Korsbek. I think the Korsbek Ocean Explorer is an excellent value and interpretation of the design. Lets look at its details a bit.

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The fake watch is pretty big at 45mm wide, 17mm high, and with a 24mm wide bracelet. I like those dimensions on such a technical and strong looking watch. The case itself is made by Germans, and is one of its best and most well milled features. The movement inside the fake watch is a work-horse ETA 2824-2 movement that will put up with just about anything. I love the bracelet with its many links that make for a comfortable fit attractive looks (look at the engineering on that diver's extension). The fake watch also comes with a rubber strap, one of the many included accessories that you get. This particular model available further comes with two different bezels, that you can change our yourself. One is black, and the other is steel toned.

None of these replica watches are left from Korsbek, because they all sold out. Fortunately, you can still some these some things on the market via private sellers. This one on eBay is a reasonable $1,600 (approx), which is fair given the rarity and what you get. I love seeing replica watches out there like this. Never say that it is a Kobold replica brand, it is merely a brand that makes a good product with a similar look. Think of all the similarities as a Korsbek compliment to Kobold.

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